Tales From the Thirsty Whale

The Contested Hallway
Call this a magic teleport?

The party has a look at the stone disc – it radiates some magic. The runes on it make little sense, but Cythor does remember books mentioning ancient teleportation stones created by the Ammarindar dwarven clan centuries again. They were supposed to enable them to instantly teleport across their empire. But that was before the fall of Netheril hundreds of years ago and many magics have been lost since then. Teleportation portals that were dotted across the realms before the death of Mystra, Goddess of Magic, and the ensuing tumult of the Spellplague, now stand as overgrown ruins, useless.

Lacking any volunteers, they try throwing one of the goblin corpses onto it. The goblin disappears. How strange. Not sure what to do with the stone, the party decide to leave it there for now and investigate it further later on. Scattered amongst the goblins are 60 gold pieces and and what Cythor reckons is a potion of healing on the body of the goblin hexer.

On through the east door. Erithan scouts ahead – a corridor leads east about 70 feet. There’s some stairs at the end leading down, just before that there’s an opening on both the north and south walls. The north seems blocked by a portcullis with what appears to be some slow foot shuffling coming from behind it, to the south a closed door.

Pressing on, Erithan sneaks a look through the portcullis – there appears to be some dwarven zombies behind it shuffling around. A quick message back to the party and a general plan of “shoot them through the portcullis” is established. Thaath joins in poking his halberd through the bar to swipe at the zombies. This works well, until the zombies shuffle forwards and raise the portcullis themselves and advance on the party. Taking a step back, Thaath spits a burst of lighting at the advancing crowd, killing some zombie rotters at the back and wounding the more fully formed zombies in the front.

“A new plan! A new plan!” cries Cythor, dragging Bronale back down the corridor to the pit room. “We can use the teleportation disc. It’s not fixed to the floor – we can pick it up, roll down the corridor and let the zombies disappear into it. Genius!”

A tactical withdrawal is hastily organised, but not before the south door opens and out steps a big goblin bearing a nasty looking warhammer, which he proceeds to hit Bronale with. Thaath isn’t having much fun with these zombies either, but eventually the party manages to rearrange itself down the corridor, thanks to some splendid covering fire from Arowyn and Erithan.

When Cythor lifts the teleportation stone onto it’s edge, the goblin body reappears, looking much the worse for wear, slightly crispy about the edges. Cythor rolls the teleportation disc between the party and the ongoing zombies, lets it fall flat onto the ground and stands back, beaming proudly. “Come and get it suckers!”.

He looks markedly less pleased when the zombies and the goblin walk on, through and past the teleportation stone and begin laying into Bronale and Thaath again. “Oi! That’s not fair” decries Cythor to the universe in general. Which to be fair is true. It wasn’t. Which only goes to show.

Bronale finally manages to hit the zombie attacking him, allowing his battlerager fury to build up, but he’s taken a fair old pounding so far. But the combined might of the two dwarves, deftly lead by Thaath and volleys of fire both arcane and otherwise from the rear ranks is enough to drop the goblin and the remaining zombies. But not before a skulking goblin figure dashes out from the southern doorway and runs down the stairs.

After the zombies drop, there are no further assaults on the party. “They must be waiting for us downstairs” says Cythor. “Let’s have another look at this disk”.

The teleportation disk still seems to radiate some magic, but it now appears to be in a dormant state. None of the letters and symbols carved onto it make any sense, and a series of “Abracadabrahs” and the like don’t make any difference. Bronale picks up the warhammer that caused him so much pain in the fight, and sticks it in his belt to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The southern room houses a seven tall stone statue of a huge goblinoid creature standing on a marble dias, brandishing a huge waraxe in its hand. “Go on Erithan” says Cythor to the drow. “You’re a thief, go and see if it’s trapped”.

“I’m not a thief” protests Erithan, “I’m just good with locks – that’s all”. A quick perusal reveals some writing on the dias in goblin. “It says ‘Ogre King’” translates Thaath. “And look – there’s something broken off on top of its head – right where a horn would be” remarks Cythor.

“What did we do with horn?” asks Cythor. “The horn the goblins were desperate to bring back to here so they could use it in a ceremony to raise the dead Ogre King. We did leave it somewhere safe didn’t we?”

“It’s perfectly safe” says Bronale, reaching into his pack. “It’s right here.”

There now follows a short interlude during which time every bit of rope the party has is wrapped around the statue to try and restrain its limbs while someone climbed up and placed the horn dagger on top of the statue, followed by climbing back down again and a mass untying of rope. As expected, the Ogre King didn’t magically appear, but at least they found a small tribute hole containing another healing potion and some gold coins (minus Erithan’s handling fee).

Arowyn finds 20 gold and a small ruby amidst the zombie filth in the north alcove. They then line up at the top of the stairs to face the danger waiting for them down below. Because it IS down there, and it DOES know they’re coming.

To the Barrow

Searching the bodies of the fallen goblins reveals a note on the goblin hexer…

I learned through divinations that the totem is in a shop called Garwan’s Curiosities in Loudwater. Go and retrieve it. Use the old barrel of alchemist’s fire. You know how important this is. Without the totem, it will be harder to perform the magic. We must get the object back if we are to revive the Ogre King!
Do not fail. I will continue forward with the magic even if every one of you must be sacrificed. We must get back the totem! High Shaman Sancossug

And what of this “totem”? The item that the goblins seemed so keen about is a piece of slightly curved black horn – sharpened along one side and with strips of leather wrapped around one end to form a handle.

The town watch finally turn up, as do Radnelac and Erithan (who’ve been busy up in the Thirsty Whale tavern in the docks area. After some brief introductions, a brief visit to the curio shop reveals that the bone dagger was brought in by Curuvar the Brazen, a local wizard sometimes found in the tavern across the road.

“I found it a nearby funeral barrow, about half a day away” explains the archtypical wizard. “By Mystra’s lost spell, you wouldn’t believe what a dull race goblins are! My wizardry easily incapacitated them. However, I didn’t find what I wanted. I took the horn totem as a souvenir.” After several free drinks and some food, Curuvar offers to reveal more about an “Ogre King” if the adventurers go an recover the matching skull totem from the barrow.

According to local gossip, the creature later dubbed the Ogre King discovered the ruins of the dwarven kingdom of Ammarindar in the Southwood some eighty years ago. He established a lair and subjugated local goblins. The Ogre King lasted just ten years, during which time his goblins raided far and wide before being slain by a group of adventurers passing through the area.

Any excuse for a fight is all the encouragement the dwarves need, and beating up some more goblins is far too tempting.

The following day, the party set off to find the barrow. An old grass covered courtyard seems to be the place, and Arowyn, Radnelac and Thaath wander towards the old decrepit entrance on the far side. Neatly providing enough weight to trigger the pit trap covering most of the courtyard and they crash down twenty feet to a rubbled floor below.

They look up to see a ramp leading up toward three dwarven statues and some leering goblins. The three adventurers grab their weapons and advance. Meanwhile, up at ground level Bronale runs around the ledge of the pit and starts tying a rope on a nearby statue. Rather than wasting time with the rope, Erithan decides to show off the natural grace of the dark elves and leaps down into the pit. To be fair, his natural grace needs some work, and he manages a fairly unpleasant plummet to the floor.

The statues at the top of the ramp limit the amount of room the heroes have to engage the goblins in, with Arowyn and Radnelac blocking each others path a little. Bronale lowers himself down at the other end, allowing himself some room to climb up the ramp and go toe to toe with one of the goblin skullcleavers.

Erithan, rubbing his ankle and pretending that he wanted to land in that particularly painful way, begins an archery duel using his hand crossbow against one of the javelin wielding goblins at the top of the slope.

Thaath starts waving his halberd around in an attempt to clear some space, and creates a gap that Radnelac can slide into. Arowyn takes a step back and starts raining pain down on the bad guys with her long bow. The combined assault is too much for the skirmishing goblins and the heroes finally crest the top of the ramp.

Bronale tries to force a path through with his hammer, but the skullcleaver goblin resists his efforts. His brother has more luck and advances into the chamber itself. At the far end, another goblin with a similar hexing wand to the one who lead the attack on the square stands before him, a slightly anxious look on its face as its line of protectors continues to drop.

A wave of the wand sends some form of hex whizzing past Radnelac’s head as he charges the goblin leader, brandishing his brutal axe and ignoring the carnage behind him. Erithan takes a careful aim at the goblin hexer . His shot goes wide, but it was a close enough miss to distract the goblin, allowing the drow to press on and this time hit the goblin. The combination of drow and dwarf is too much and the goblin hexer drops.

Arowyn, Thaath and Bronale have neatly cleared up the remaing goblins when Cythor eventually manages to lower himself down and see what all the fuss was about.

The goblin hexer was standing near a three inch thick stone disc approximately five foot across. The disc reminds the dwarves of something their uncle once told them – an old magic teleportation stone from empires long since fallen. The runes and symbols inscribed on this stone however are a mystery to all.

Welcome to Loudwater

It’s a relatively quite start to the day in Loudwater’s South Square market. A few stall holders are selling their wares and a few new arrivals to town are wondering around. Suddenly, the peace is broken by an enormous boom as part of the southern wall explodes into rubble. Through the clearing smoke a flurry of goblins rush in, scattering the startled townspeople who flee for their lives. A couple of the larger goblins throw javelins at the armed dwarf near the curio shop. He moves to intercept them and with a mighty swing of his hammer drops one to the floor.There’s going to be more work for his hammer this morning and a smile cracks across his lips.

One goblin seems to be shouting orders and waving a crudely carved wand, sending a horde of the goblins toward the curiousity shop.

A smaller one rushes the cloaked figure near a sweetmeats stall and slashes at him with a short sword. A dragonborn by the Green Tankard tavern, snatches up halberd and rushes towards the mass of goblin. He pauses to take and breath and exhales an exploding cloud of lightning at the crowd of goblins. Sparks sizzle and a couple more drop.

Slow to react to this outrage, the cloaked figure takes a step back and gouts of flame burst forth from a small orb held in his hands. The flames snake toward the goblins and then bursts into a flaming circle with a vicious bang. The explosion knocks the two bigger goblins prone and kills 3 more.

An elven female by the stables, notches two arrows to her bow in rapid succession and another goblin drops.

One of the larger goblin warriors reaches the shop of curios and smashes the window. He reaches in and snatches something from the window display and surveys his route back to the breached wall. An circle of fire blossoms forth encompassing more of his companions, but he has little option but to brave the flames.

The goblin leader waves his wand and lashes out a stinging hex at the dwarf standing in his way. The dwarf’s skin crackles with static as some witchcraft sizzles all over him. The goblin leader has problems of his own as the dwarf looms into view, with the magic static bursting all around him but the dwarf ignores it as if he didn’t believe in the pain.

A single goblin charges at the cloaked figure but a blast of thunder hurls the goblin back the way he came and tosses his lifeless body to the floor.

The goblin warrior feverishly clutching his ill-gotten booty rushes through the flames, but the elf has him in her sights. She takes an deep breath to stready herself and whispers a few quiet words of elvish beneath her breath. Her bow almost explodes with fury – the arrow screams across the market square and pins the goblin warrior into the wall of one of the shop stalls. His lifeless body shivers slightly as the force of the arrow subsides and something drops from its fingers.

The goblin leader desperately tries to get past the dwarf, eventually only succeeding after a blinding hex hits the fighter allowing the goblin to duck under his swinging hammer. The goblin snatches up the item from his comrade’s body and without a glance to the carnage behind him, turns and heads back to the gap in the wall.

The dragonborn gives pursuit, and with a swing of his halberd cuts a nasty gash in the hexer’s side. An arrow whizzes past its ear, and another slices across his legs. The desperation can be seen in his eyes as he begins to step onto the smoking rubble of the collapsed wall, when suddenly he jerks and stops in his tracks. His eyes glaze over as he collapses to the ground – in the distance behind him, the cloaked finger blows on the end of his finger and adjusts his sleeves.

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