Tales From the Thirsty Whale

Zelbross Moathouse

Who let the frogs out? Ugh! Ugh!

Much celebrating for preventing the early onset of winter, saving the harvest and all round heroism. Next, it’s rescuing the children kidnapped by the Zelbross bandits

Their moathouse lair is relatively easy to find. Advancing towards the drawbridge however, our heroes are assaulted by giant frogs. All seems to be going well, until two of the frogs swallow Radnelac and Erithan. “You’ve eaten my brother you git!” cries Bronale and starts hacking about the frog. After a couple of rounds of combat, where Cythor’s aim is impaired by him rolling on the floor laughing crying out “it’s eaten him! He’s inside a frog!” etc etc. The frogs are finally dispatched – the major casualty being Radnelac’s street cred. And his rather froggy smelling armour.



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