Tales From the Thirsty Whale

The Upper Catacombs

Another broken teleport disc

The party descend the stairs at the end of the corridor, and it leads to a set of doors. Not hearing anything much behind it, the dwarves push them open and advance into the room. An arrow hits the doorway above them as a hobgoblin archer lurking behind a fountain in the south east corner pops his head up and looses as shot.

Goblin hexer and a javelin wielding warrior stand on other side of 10 foot wide pit which looks very deep indeed. A teleportation stone stands on the near side of the pit and whilst opposite stairs leads downwards into the depths, but a couple of hobgoblin soldiers in the middle of the room are a more immediate attention grabber.

Erithan begins a wave of crossbow fire upon the hexer who reacts to the damage by sending a stinging hex at the first dwarf he sees, in this case Bronale.

The stinging hex sizzles over Bronale’s armour, but he grits his teeth as the hex erupts again as he moves into the room. His brother follows to take on the other soldier while Thaath has already moved up and provided a flanking opportunity. Hi lightning breath is blocked by the hobgoblin’s shields, so it looks like the halberd will have to do the work.

Arowyn joins in with the reign of fire onto the goblin hexer, but the goblin keeps ducking behind his javelin wielding lacky, letting him take most of the damage. But he can only dodge so often, and it means that Erithan’s shots get through.

The hexer waves his arms again, and the air above the teleport stone sizzles slightly as a sneaky goblin blackblade steps from the haze, launching an attack on Arowyn.

The hobgoblins in the middle of the room are tough to hit and it takes all the combined manoeuvring skills of the dwarves and the dragonborn to try and outwit them. Bronale shares his attacks between the goblin attacking Arowyn and the hobgoblin, while Radnelac and Thaath tag team the other hobgoblin.

Cythor moves into the fray, continuing the assault on the hexer with magic missiles. WIth its last breath it launches a blinding hex at Arowyn before Erithan takes it down with a neatly placed crossbow.

Arowyn takes a step back from the goblin to try and escape the blackblade’s attacks. The gap gives Cythor a chance to step in and with a wave of his hands, a deafening crack of thunder bursts forth and the wave of energy pushes the unsuspecting blackblade over into the pit. Several long seconds later, there is a distant thump as the goblin takes the express route down.

Another crack of thunder bursts forth as Bronale critcals the goblin warrior. Thaath and Radnelac take down one of the hobgoblin soldiers. This allows them to concentrate their assault on the remaining soldier, who cannot stand long on his own.

The poor hobgoblin archer has been pinging away with his bow for the entire time, but hasn’t hit anything. Maybe he should have run away as Bronale closes in and finishes him off with Thaath’s help, clearing the room.

A bit of searching, some semi-random throwing of goblins onto the teleportation stone with similar results to last time. They disappear, only to reappear slightly singed when the stone is moved. The burn damage looks magical or possibly even mystical rather than natural, but no clues as to how to operate the disks.

An adjoining storage room has various bits of goblin filth, but also holds a couple of nice silver statues, and a rather nice glaive which Thaath picks up.



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