Tales From the Thirsty Whale

The Tomb of the Ogre King

The party climb down the stairs, lots of them. A hundred foot later they emerge into a long corridor. It’s not long before they have company as a zombie and a zombie rotter shuffle forward. There’s some chanting in distance with more shuffling sounds getting nearer. The dwarves hack at the zombies, encouraged by Thaath.

They continue on into the main chamber – at the far end a stone platform rises 10’ off the floor. On top of it, High Shaman Sancossug is in mid ritual over a large sarcophogus. Never a good thing. Stairs on the left and right lead up to the platform, guarded by dwarf zombies. Some more zombies lurk in the middle of the room.

Cythor conjures flaming sphere and rolls it twoards the zombies guarding Sancossug, scattering half of the zombies as they try to dodge the flames.

Bronale scurries into melee with couple of zombies, whilst Radnelac takes on the other two. Much crushing surging, invigorating and eventually the zombies drop. Meanwhile Cythor floats the sphere on top of the sarcophogus , completely ruining the ritual, and Sancossug’s day. He dashes out of the way, but the sphere pursues him relentlessly. With no safe place to hide on the platform, he sends his dead dwarves down the stairs to slow down the oncoming masses, whilst he rains down fire and pain from the stairs. A burst of fire almost knocks Radnelac down, but he hears an inspiring word from Thaath, probably “gold” or “beer” knowing Radnelac, and he draws his reserves of strengh togther, ready to press on.

A second hit from Sancossug blinds Radnelac leaving him surrounded by the evil Shaman’s retinue. Axious to save his brother, Bronale piles in with Villains menace on the nearest zombie attacking Radnelac, completely ignoring a zombie at his rear. Hearing Thaath’s lead the attack, he rains death and destruction on the zombie attacking Radnelac, saving him from the onslaught. Shaking his head and clearing his vision, Radnelac surveys the scene in front of him, most of the zombies lie prone. Sancossug still trying to dodge the flames licking around him from Cythor’s conjuration leaves an critical hole in his defences. Just big enough for Radnelac’s execution axe – one mighty swing and the shaman’s head flies off. That had to hurt.

They clear the sarcophogus and find a huge magic axe, and Radnelac’s eyes light up. There’s also an ogre skull fashioned into a magic mace, similar to the horn totem made into a dagger. Should they return to Curuvar back in Loudwater? Can he be trusted not to use them in some dark necromantic ceremony of his own?

The party head back to Loudwater to find out. Some discussion then follows as to what to do with the



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