Tales From the Thirsty Whale

Lost in the Snow

Quick Summary Leaving Loudwater to investigate the Tower of dwarven warlock Draigdurroch, players get lost in blizzard.

Eventually make it through to a valley where they can see the tower in the distance. Attacked by kobolds.

Make it through to the tower itself. Various gargoyle-type creatures animate when they force a way through the frozen wall surrounding the tower.

Into the tower, frozen Marie Celeste kind of feel to it. Ground floor empty, some icy monsters upstairs. During fight upstairs, some more creatures keep coming from the ground floor. They are the same blue colour as some icy flames frozen in four fireplaces downstairs. Further investigation reveals fireplaces now activated as some form of portal to an icy elemental plane. Cythor and Erithan close the portals, and party investigates the floor above.



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