Tales From the Thirsty Whale

Drow Hunt

Previously in Tales from the Thirsty Whale
- You’ve set off from East Rift in search of a doppleganger spy employed by the local dwarf clan to spy on the drow
- the spy was bitten by a spellplague infected creature and is trapped in the form of a female drow.
- Setting off into the Chondalwood jungle, you’ve persuaded some local elves that you are worthy of passing through their land.
- When last seen, the drow was being taken to an abandoned temple by the elves’s kinsmen. But the party that took her away hasn’t returned back.
- Following the trail towards the temple, you stumbled across what seemed like a drow raiding party, dragging a female drow prisoner into a cave.
- You’ve followed them into to the cave, and are currently fighting for your very lives……..



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