Tales From the Thirsty Whale

Bandit Ambush

Something happened on the way back from the dungeon

An abridged session due to some skullduggery in that ancient and terrible domain known as “Port Forwarding”. But eventually connectivity is restored and the adventure continues.

Our heroes are on the road back from the tomb when they are ambushed by some bandits. Some not terribly accurate bandits as it turns out . There’s some general whittling down of dwarven battlerager enthusiasm and even a couple of scratches to armour etc. Thaath polishes off a bandit that Radnelac had been busy wearing down for a few exchanges. “Oi! He was mine!”

Erithan disappears into a drow cloud of darkness that only he can see through, and opens up with a couple of long range hand crossbow shots at the bandit leader.

He literally doesn’t see it coming until too late as first one bolt plunges into his side and seconds later another. He retreats and tries one last bowshot at a dwarf before Erithan drops him with another accurate shot.

At the other end of the fight, Thaath has found a new flanking buddy. With a cry of encouragement he persuades Cythor to stand behind a bandit and distract him while Thaath hacks at him with his halberd. Unfortunately for Cythor, this allows the bandits to set up their tactical assault on the wizard and flank him either side. Some bandit archers decide to join in on the fun, and it starts looking a bit grim for the wizard. He takes a step back, and with a brief incantation he beats an expeditous retreat out of the fray. What’s the use of magic if not for running away from sharp pointy things very very fast?

Some of the archers run away once they notice their fallen leader. Their colleagues fighting the dwarves try a similar plan, but unfortunately for them Bronale and Radnelac aren’t letting them go anywhere. Soon the bandits are either dead or scarpered, except for one poor unfortunate who cannot get away from Radnelac. If he stays to fight, the dwarf will kill him. If he tries to run away, the dward will kill him. His only option – throw himself at the mercy of the party.

“Wait! I surrender! PLease don’t kill me! I’ll tell you everything!” he pleads. “Go on”, threatens Radnelac stroking his axe. “We’re based at the old Zelbross moathouse, the other side of Loudwater. Please sir, I never wanted to get mixed up with this. I never bargained there’d be children!” “Children?” quizzed Radnelac, raising his axe. “The ones that get sent in barrels, sir. The ones that we get from the Lady. I mean, the Lady of Shadows sir.” “The Lady of Shadows that runs that thing that pretends to be the thieves guild in Loudwater?” ask Erithan. “I heard mention of her in the Thirsty Whale tavern.” “The same, sir. I don’t know who she is, honest sir. I only ever seen that dwarf, Zark, sir. He rolls up with these cider barrels in his wagon sir, and the lizard folk turn up and take them away. I never knew there was kids inside sir, I swear. I was only after doing a bit of honest banditry sir – I never signed up for this. It was only that day when the barrel smashed….Oh sir.”



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