Tales From the Thirsty Whale

Assault on the Moathouse

Bandit carnage

After the frog “incident”, on over the drawbridge into the moathouse itself. Some bandit archers behind arrowslits near the door yell out a warning to their comrades, and then its a full fronted charge through the doorway to get out of the killing zone that is the courtyard. Lots of archery fire from other bandits behind other arrow slits dies down after a round or two, as a loud repitilian growl comes from down a corridor. A huge rage drake stamps down the corridor in the the entrance hall, followed by Enzer the bandit leader swinging his longspear. The archers in the entrance way are neatly cleaned out, hut A couple more tough looking bandits enter the from from the other wing of the moathouse.

It all gets rather messy. Brownale gets his froth one, and inspired by sound tactical advice from Thaath starts hacking at the drake. Arowyn unleashes one of her special attacks and sets up Brownale for the killing blow. Cythor kicks off both his expanding bursting firey orb, and his flaming sphere to cause carnage amongst the other bandits, whilst Arowyn and Brownale set about the leader.

Radnelac seems to spend a lot of time being dazed by bandits, and at one point falls under the rain of blows – he got quite badly shot up on the way into the entrance. These archer bandit minions did MUCH Better than their counterparts who tried to ambush the party on the way back from barrow of the Ogre King.

The day is finally won, and our heroes venture downstairs, where they find the kidnapped children guarded by a couple more bandits and the dwarf who tried to cheat Radnelac during the arm wrestling match that delayed him from the goblin attack on Loudwater all those experience points ago. In a fair fight, the cheating dwarf is not match for our gallant heroes. One guard surrenders after his comrades all fall, and he is captured to stand trial for the kidnapping.

THe children are released, bodies are looted and plans are made for yet another heroic feast back in the Loudwater. THe children look very happy to be being released, and not “given to the lizard people”.

Our heroes head out of the entrance only to find the courtyard is not as empty as they left it. A lizard man stands near the drawbridge, surveying the battleground. He is clad in the traditional shamanistic garb, with fancy born carvings with optional skull attachments and is flanked by two lizardman hunters armed with spears. And an enormous 12 foot tall black lizard man armed with a huge club.

“I believe you have sssomething that belongs to me” he hisses, pointing at the terrified children…... To be continued.



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